Urgent Care

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Kingwood Pet Urgent Care

At Alpha Veterinary Services, we provide urgent care for when your pet needs to be seen the same day you call, and our regular appointment openings are booked. An urgent care appointment is often double booked so we can care for your pet’s urgent health care concern.

What to Expect from Your Veterinary Urgent Care Service

You can now schedule urgent care appointments for when your companion needs it most. These appointments can be scheduled if your pet needs to be seen by your veterinarian for a health concern or issue that cannot wait until our next regular appointment opening.

Pet parents can expect to talk to their veterinarian about their pet's health concerns, have their companion examined thoroughly, and discuss treatment options. Additional fee applies for urgent care scheduling in addition to a comprehensive exam and treatment costs.

Signs You Should Bring Your Pet To Urgent Care

If your pet exhibits signs such as lethargy, sudden behavioral changes, difficulty breathing, or unexplained weight loss, it's crucial to bring them to our Kingwood urgent care. Persistent vomiting, diarrhea, or limping are also concerning. Our veterinary team is prepared to offer immediate attention, addressing these signs and ensuring your pet receives the prompt care they need.

If your pet is experiencing a health issue that you believe requires a same-day appointment, call our office at (304) 239-5157.

Pawsitively Raving Reviews

  • “The vet was so friendly and explained everything and the price for 3 animals was very reasonable. Would absolutely recommend!”

    - Mary P.
  • “They are very friendly, and love animals as much as I do.”

    - Alisha K.
  • “Now that we have been here, I wont be taking my fur babies anywhere else.”

    - Noma M.

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