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Dr. Ben Baker

Founder of AVS, Lead Veterinarian
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Dr. Ben Baker is our AVS Founder and Lead Veterinarian at AVS Mountainland Hospital in Kingwood, WV. Dr. Baker has built AVS from the ground up since 2014. With the expansion of AVS over the years, Dr. Baker continues to make sure AVS is "Alpha" in providing the highest quality medicine. Throughout his entire childhood, he always knew he wanted to become a Veterinarian and has a passion for animals of all walks of life. Dr. Baker is typically asked for by name due to his thorough veterinary practices and kind demeanor. Not only does he take his work seriously, he brightens a room with his warm personality with all his clients and their companions. Dr. Baker is a graduate of WVU and Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine and has always taken pride in his work and clients. He has dedicated himself to saving animals in need and are lucky to have him as a leader.